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Install ExpressVPN on your router and enjoy the benefits of a VPN on every device on your home Wi-Fi network. With the ExpressVPN app for routers, you can…

  • Save time with always-on protection
  • Cover all your devices with one subscription
  • Enjoy ultra-fast speeds
  • Get set up and control your VPN with ease

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5 reasons to get a VPN router

Use a router VPN for more secure home Wi-Fi.

1. Enjoy 24/7 VPN

Save time with always-on protection. With the ExpressVPN router app, you'll never have to remember to connect. Any device connected to Wi-Fi is protected, and our Network Lock kill switch ensures security even if your VPN connection drops.

Set up a VPN router to protect all your devices.

2. Covers all devices

Get the benefits of a VPN on any connected device, even ones that can’t normally run VPN software like smart TVs and game consoles. Access all the services that you want with greater privacy.

Protect all your devices with a home router VPN.

3. Unlimited connections

Your VPN router counts as one out of the five devices that you can connect to ExpressVPN simultaneously on a single subscription, and there’s no limit to the number of devices connected to the VPN router!

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4. Optimized for speed

The ExpressVPN router app runs Lightway, our next-generation VPN protocol that gives you a faster, more reliable, and more secure VPN experience.

ExpressVPN app for routers: app UI with a Wi-Fi signal.

5. Easy to use

Say goodbye to confusing settings—just click to connect. Want certain devices excluded from the VPN? No problem. Split tunneling gives you complete control.

How to set up your VPN router in 3 easy steps

Step 1

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Sign up for ExpressVPN. All plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Step 2

Select home routers for VPN.

Purchase a VPN router from the range of recommended home Wi-Fi routers.

Step 3

ExpressVPN has easy setup on your home router.

Set up your router with these step-by-step instructions.

Setup guides for all supported routers

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World-class support for VPN router setup

ExpressVPN makes it easy to set up a router VPN client at home. If you ever run into trouble, you can contact ExpressVPN Support anytime, day or night, and get back online in minutes.

People love ExpressVPN for routers

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It is just straightforward. Compared to third-party firmware like DD-WRT, it’s just easy to set up, even for amateurs.

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I got it preconfigured. It was plug-and-play. The interface is amazingly simple compared to setting up a router manually. I tried to help a neighbor set up their VPN with a different provider, very complicated and unsuccessful.

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A very convenient router interface and a huge bonus for me is that it has its own firmware without any complicated settings. That is why I use your product, which for me has no competitors.

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Why choose ExpressVPN?

TrustedServer technology

Audited to confirm privacy protections, TrustedServer sets a new standard for security.

Get set up right away

Connecting to ExpressVPN is quick and easy. Just sign up, download, and connect!

Unblock the websites you love

Access content free of censorship. Unblock Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and more.

Increase your anonymity

Replace your IP and location to prevent tracking of browsing activity and metadata.

Stream videos and music

Enjoy Netflix, Hulu, BBC, Spotify, and more—with privacy, security, and blazing-fast speeds.

Live chat support

Contact Support around the clock if you have questions about ExpressVPN on any device.


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